The name ‘Klaarland’

Where does the name “Klaarland” come from?

When we moved from Hasselt to Lozen, a name for the new monastery had to be chosen. Its location on the border between Flanders and the Netherlands did think us about a name such as “Our Lady of the Lowlands”, but we didn’t like the geographical sound of it. As the monks of St. Bernard in 1165 made a foundation in Friesland, named “Klaarkamp”, that seemed to us a more appropriate name – especially since we had received a stone from the ruins of the abbey. This stone has been built into the wall of our church. But “Klaarkamp”, with its association of ‘battle encampment’, has a too military sound for a monastery that wants to be a haven of peace. And so we finally chose “Klaarland” (campus in Latin means land or field). This name fits entirely in the tradition of the Order (Clairvaux, Clairmont, Clairefontaine).

kerk binnenWe love the clear light in all its aspects, and we believe in the bright side of our existence. In our monastery, the light pours lavishly in through large windows.

‘Klaar’ (with its double meaning: ready and clear) also means to us: a commitment to be ready and open for the unexpected that comes on our way, for everything the Lord can expect of us.